Frozen Dawn || Lake Tasman
Atop The Monument Over Lake Manapouri

About Me

I am a freelance nature photographer based in Denver, Colorado.

While I focus mainly on landscapes and seascapes,  I also have keen interests in night sky imagery, cityscapes and night time architecture, and wildlife photography.

Chasing the light drives my photography and travels. I spend my time searching for and shooting the most beautiful locations I can find all over the world. I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, but I have lived all over The United States (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Georgia, California, Texas, Arizona and now of course Colorado) as well as abroad in Sydney, Australia plus a few spots in New Zealand both the North and South islands. 

My aim with my work is to share my travels and depiction of nature, but also to bring attention to nature, preservation and conservation. My love for the outdoors and nature began as a young child and through photography I have deepened that love and appreciation!

I am proud of the books I have published and my additional work as an attorney, musician (PinPoint MercyWinter of None & The Geoff Piper Band || as a singer, songwriter, pianist, bassist and guitarist) and music company founder.

I am also a proud member of Nature First!

In the Field

My Gear

My go to gear for the basics of shooting are a Nikon D850 body and a Nikon Z 7(ii) mirrorless camera body, with a Nikon 14-24mm (f/2.8) wide angle, Nikon 24-70mm (f/2.8), Really Right Stuff ball head and Feisol Tournament carbon fiber tripod, each shown below.

If you are interested in learning more about those items click each image, but if you want to see my full gear list that I use to capture and process my images, click here!

Why Photography & My Journey

Being a photographer, especially in the ages of digital and social media, is not just about taking pictures--there is so much more to it than that. While that alone is very fulfilling, photography for me is a journey to learn, grow, continually self assess, improve and change. Photography combines nearly all of my interests and passions, and is a true art form that requires deep knowledge across many different disciplines.

Like other art forms, they are learning experiences that require humility and adaptation. Photography requires a mastery of: the skill of taking pictures and identifying and capturing light; technology, not just of cameras, but all kinds of related hardware and peripherals, computers, software, and how to properly edit and produce high quality images with technology; the science of light including the sun, moon, seasons, tides, and many aspects of nature; how to build a website; all aspects of social media; and, how to build a business and be an entrepreneur.

Photography also requires adventure and to seek out exotic locations, to meet interesting people, how to travel lightly, and to be in outstanding physical shape in order to trek with gear within demanding environments.

Photography requires me to learn and grow every single day. While the images themselves are a nice result, it is this journey that drives me and why I pursue it!

My photography has taken me all over the world. So far, I have visited over 25 countries, flown thousands of miles, met hundreds of people, and gathered countless stories. 

For those interested in hearing more details and the full story behind my photography journey ...... click here ! :)

Mailing List & Blog

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