Angkor: Glory of the Khmer Empire (802 - 1431 AD),” is a history and travel photography book that begins with the story of the rise and fall of the Khmer Empire, as a backdrop to set the stage for the book’s images depicting the magnificence and beauty of Khmer art, architecture and landscapes, and offers travel tips and picture taking insights for a journey to Angkor and a few surrounding areas.

Since childhood, I have had a fascination with the Middle Ages predominantly in Europe and Japan. I am not exactly sure why, especially given the brutality and violence of this period of human history. However, medieval architecture specifically castles captivated me with their beauty as incredible feats of complex construction. I also discovered during the same period all over the world, many civilizations built castle-like structures with similar designs and features despite significant interaction. I first learned about Angkor and the Khmer Empire in middle school but unfortunately the curriculum of my history classes did not cover these topics in a meaningful way. Over the years, and as I gained experience in photography and broadened my travel horizons, I learned more about Angkor especially through fellow photographers and images I discovered on social media. While Khmer architecture does exhibit some medieval features similar to European castles, Angkor structures have unique distinctions which drove me to want to see and experience first hand.

My first journey to Cambodia began with planning while living in Sydney, Australia in the Aussie’s late Fall to Winter of 2018. As part of my tour through Southeast Asia that included Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Japan, I reserved some time for Cambodia specifically to visit Angkor Wat, capture an epic sunrise there and photograph as much of Angkor as possible with limited time. I planned for 6 days at Angkor which, after the first day there, I realized was nowhere near enough time. While I was not able to visit or photograph the entirety of Angkor due to its sheer enormity and an almost endless number of temples and sites, I managed to cover the most famous locations and many others in a very short period of time. I needed at least two or three weeks more. I vow to go back.

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First published in 2020

Copyright (c) 2020 Geoff Piper Photography

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