"Glacier: Crown of the Continent, Spring and Summer of 2021" is a travel photography book that provides historical information on Glacier National Park, as a backdrop to set the stage for the book’s images that depict the park’s treasures, offers travel tips and picture taking insights for a journey to Glacier, and brings awareness to the impact of climate change upon the park and the need for increased conservation efforts to preserve it.

This book spans two separate journeys in 2021 to Glacier National Park covering Spring, Summer and Fall but Winter conditions occurred during those trips as well. Geoff’s first journey to Glacier began in late May and ended in the middle of June, with a second trip that began in late August and ended in the middle of September. On these two journeys, Geoff took approximately 12,000 photos, across 4 months in a total of 6 weeks, and had many once in a lifetime experiences. What you will read and see in this book includes:

History of Glacier National Park: A brief history of Glacier National Park, including a map, to orient the reader and provide a foundation upon which to better analyze the photos of Glacier appearing throughout the book and understand the impact of climate change upon it.

Going to the Sun Road: A map of Going to the Sun Road with images taken from the many sites along its 53 mile route traveling from the East Entrance Station at Saint Mary to the West Entrance Station a few of which include Rising Sun, Sun Point, Sunrift Gorge and its waterfalls, Jackson Glacier, Logan Pass, the Highline to Loop trails, Hidden Lake, Avalanche Creek, the Lake McDonald area and a segment on the bears of Glacier.

Many Glacier: The treasures of Many Glacier and its surrounding areas such as Lake Sherburne, the Many Glacier Hotel, Swiftcurrent Lake and Swiftcurrent Pass, Iceberg Lake and trail, the Continental Divide Trail, Grinnell Lake and Grinnell Glacier and early Spring wildflowers.

Two Medicine: Amazing moments with wildlife in this area but also photos of the Two Medicine Valley from Looking Glass Hill, Two Medicine Lake, Two Medicine Pass, Aster Park, several waterfalls of the area including Aster Falls, Rockwell Falls and Running Eagle Falls, and lastly Marias Pass.

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First published in 2021

Copyright (c) 2021 Geoff Piper Photography

Published by Blurb, Inc.

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