Yellowstone: Late Summer to Early Fall of 2020,” is a travel photography book that provides historical background information on Yellowstone National Park, as a backdrop to set the stage for the book’s images that depict the wonders of the park by traversing The Grand Loop, and offers travel tips and picture taking insights for a journey to Yellowstone.

While I knew about Yellowstone from nature programs as a child, my fascination with this park grew due to studying Geology in college and from watching “Christmas in Yellowstone” on PBS with my family for the first time in 2006 and in subsequent years. I finally made my first journey to Yellowstone in late August of 2020. I stayed for 3 weeks. Due to the worldwide pandemic Covid-19, national parks in the United States closed in the early parts of 2020. Parks began to re-open by the Summer but travel within the United States and logistics of a trip to Yellowstone posed challenges (i.e., access, food and shelter). Alone, I persevered.

For this book, I focused on geothermal features and nature scenes but I did luck into capturing some photos of my wildlife encounters here and there. I will return for trips dedicated solely to animals--it really is a whole other beast!

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First published in 2020

Copyright (c) 2020 Geoff Piper Photography

Published by Blurb, Inc.

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